• Payroll Services

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    Small businesses can sometimes make the mistake of running payroll in-house only to learn later that there is a lot more to payroll than just cutting an employee’s pay check. Mistakes can be made on many levels from incorrectly entering new hire information and setting up an employee’s payroll taxes, remembering payroll deductions, incorrectly entering time keeper data, tracking vacation, sick days and benefits. Most importantly processing timely and accurate payrolls each pay period, as well as all processing all payroll tax returns such as the 941, state and federal unemployment returns, and submitting state withholding and federal tax deposits. The list goes on.

    38 State Accounting is here to help reduce all your payroll worries, eliminate errors, submit timely tax returns, and provide full-service payroll to you for all your small business needs. We provide a professional level of payroll services allowing you to spend more time developing and growing your successful business.

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